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About Us

Home energy solutions since 1984

We have been involved in providing engineering solutions for the energy used in the home.   This has developed from fossil fuel coal storage solutions in the early eighties and electrical heating appliances in the nineties to renewable energy technologies today.

In 2003 Igen was established as a specialized company providing heat pump solutions including a range of products, technical support/training, design, install, commission and service.  With hundreds of installations completed throughout Ireland, England, Wales & Scotland we have vast experience in providing solutions that provide satisfaction to our customers.Igen takes the approach that the heat pump is a ‘component’ of the heating system in your home, much as an engine is a component of a car.

For the complete heating system to be successful in terms of efficiencies & comfort we believe that it can NOT be considered as simply a ‘plug and play’ device.  The success of the overall system is dependent not only on the heat pump engine but also on the full integration of the system from building fabric, efficient heat collection of the renewable source to the transfer of heat via an efficient distribution with automatic weather influenced control.

With this approach we can provide a complete solution for our customers ensuring that all components are optimized to work together for optimum performance and comfort.


Benefits of An Igen System



Eliminates CO2 emissions protects our planet for future generations

Improve energy rating of your property

Whether you’re a home owner, developer or simple want to save money on your energy bills installing a heat pump ensures that your home or building energy performance meets the requirements of current building regulations for renewable energy.

Safe & Efficient

Heat pump technology means there’s no need to have 2000 deg C flame to heat to 20 deg C. Igen heat pump systems enable the transfer of heat from where there is abundant natural heat to where there is a requirement for warmth. Compression of abundant low grade heat to a higher useable temperature means there is no need to destroy limited natural fossil resources while also eliminating dangerous emissions.

Saves money

Heating buildings represents over 30% of the energy we use in our households and also on a national level where transport and industry are the other big users. By using over 70% free energy from the environment available from the sun, allows us to reduce significantly our energy bills and also our reliance on imported fuels.


Maslows hierarchy of needs implies that warmth is a basic and fundamental physiological human need. Thankfully we have developed from caveman methods of using fire to combat from cold and damp, to modern buildings and technologies which can provide us with a healthy and comfortable living space for our family.

Security of Supply

Saves limited resources like fossil fuels and doesn’t compete with food like biomass

Igen gives you the opportunity to be responsible for your impact on the world for you & your family 


  • Igen can design & install your full renewable heating system – heat pump underfloor/radiators & DHW
  • Our objective is to give you the best value quality installation customized to your needs for the lowest running cost
  • Igen has installed & maintained hundreds of systems over the last 17 years
  • Igen works with you to ensure the full system is designed to meet your requirements
  • Igen has knowledge & experience of the complete building heat load requirements and the suitability of the complete heat distribution system
  • Igen has worked closely with European specialist heat pump manufacturers with full portfolio of ground, water & air source applications.
  • Igen can support system partners including designers, architects and local installers nationally with up-skilling and ongoing support.
  • Igen can provide heat pump retrofit solutions in all buildings in many cases saving you money on insulation uogrades
  • Igen are the only company that has actual independent performance data on our installations

The Heat Pump Specialists

At igen we are committed to giving value for money without comprising on quality.