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Igen – The Heat Pump Specialist


Igen was established with the philosophy to help transition to technologies that help our world by using renewable energy for heating our homes and work places.  With the latest in heat pump engine technology, the igen system can provide renewable heat that is available all the time by harvesting & compressing low grade heat from the environment; therefore eliminating the need for imported fossil fuel source such as oil, gas, coal or biomass.

Igen can provide your full heat solution ensuring maximum efficiency using leading technology, designing a system that can operating 100% of the design criteria without needing backup and systems that will operate for decades.  We know this because we have already done it and continue to provide efficient renewable heating for our clients. If you have a building that requires heat than contact us.

Maximum Efficiency

This means that we provide solutions with a focus on achieving the maximum possible efficiency at the lowest possible cost to you without compromising comfort.

Maximum Up-Time

This means that we focus on reliability so that you don’t have to have a second or back-up system. We design our systems to operate to meet the full demand of your heating and hot water.

Maximum Life Time

Investing in your property is not just a 5 year or even 10 year outlook, it’s for a lifetime. We design our systems to last a lifetime, trouble free.


We focus our resources on giving the best technical solution for our customers.

About us

Who we are

Igen is the only company in the UK and Ireland that specializes in offering a complete heat pump solution.  From the outset over 10 years ago we recognized that heat pump technology offered the best way of capturing and reusing renewable energy for space heating and dhw hot water.

We also recognised that this could only be completely successful by having the best products and a focused approach to ensure that the solution is designed and implemented correctly.

 Why choose us

  • Igen gives you the opportunity to be responsible for your impact on the world for you & your family 
  • Igen can design & install your full renewable heating system – heat pump underfloor/radiators & DHW
  • Our objective is to give you the best value quality installation customized to your needs for the lowest running cost
  • Igen has installed & maintained hundreds of systems over the last 17 years
  • Igen works with you to ensure the full system is designed to meet your requirements
  • Igen has knowledge & experience of the complete building heat load requirements and the suitability of the complete heat distribution system
  • Igen has worked closely with European specialist heat pump manufacturers with full portfolio of ground, water & air source applications.
  • Igen can support system partners including designers, architects and local installers nationally with up-skilling and ongoing support.
  • Igen can provide heat pump retrofit solutions in all buildings in many cases saving you money on insulation uogrades
  • Igen are the only company that has actual independent performance data on our installations

New Build & Existing Homes

Home Owner

Igen has extensive knowledge & experience with many technologies related to heating systems in buildings & homes.  We offer a completely renewable energy heating solution.

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Housing Developments


As the igen technology becomes mainstream we now offer a range of products suitable for housing developments of multiple homes.

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It has become more evident that responsibility must be taken to address the issues of climate change. Energy for heating consists of over 30% of the energy required nationally.

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The Heat Pump Specialists

At igen we are committed to giving value for money without comprising on quality.