Why Igen

Our credentials speak for themselves.   We focus our resources on giving the best technical solution for our customers.  We are specialist in heat pumps solutions.  This allows us to be the best at what we do.  We work with the best in Austrian technology with over 30 years experience with heat pumps which means we are not re-inventing the wheel. 

At igen we are committed to giving value for money without comprising on quality.  We achieve this through the following 3 corner stones.

1. Maximum efficiency

This means that we provide solutions with a focus on achieving the maximum possible efficiency at the lowest possible cost to you without compromising comfort.  We achieve this with our design by using the best products available and integrating these technologies for optimum performance in your complete installation.  This means that the igen system achieves maximum efficiency and that you are saving the maximum amount of money every year for the lifetime of the product.  We do not use heat pumps with integrated immersion/battery/electric elements which severely affect the efficiency of the system never mind the ethos of renewable technology.  As is the case with Scandinavian manufactured heat pumps where electricity is cheap and hydro generated.

2. Maximum up-time

This means that we focus on reliability so that you don’t have to have a second or back-up system.  We design our systems to operate to meet the full demand of your heating and hot water.  We recognize that hot water production is part of the heating system and ensure to take responsibility for that also so that you don’t need to spend extra on solar panels or use an immersion.  We have hundreds of systems in operation in UK & Ireland which have proven to be even more reliable than conventional oil/gas system especially over last few severe winters, as well as over having over 110,000 installations throughout Europe over the last 30 years.

3. Maximum life time

Investing in your property is not just a 5 year or even 10 year outlook, it’s for a lifetime.  We design our systems to last a lifetime, trouble free.  By using suppliers who focus on quality this makes the task easier.  All our suppliers are from within the EU with our main products from Austria, the home of renewable energy and heat pumps.