What our customers say

Daniel & Marian Donnelly, Co. Monaghan
Retrofit 3500sqft 6 people with igen compact air station

Before: 5,000l at €3,500 and €1,500 electric giving total €5,000
Now: electric total €2,800 saving over €2,000 a year

‘We used to use a fill of oil just for hot water in the summer only; now the heat pump does all our hot water needs for less than €1 a day.  It took awhile to get the heating controls set to suit our requirements as we were used to the quick response of oil, but with the help of igen we now  have a warm house all the time and not just the quick blast in the morning and evening.’

‘Igen assured us from the outset that they would give us a system that would live up to our expectations, and even though there were some challenges integrating with our existing heating system because of the way it was installed & wired.  Igen persisted until it was working perfectly and in the end exceeded our expectations.  We now can be sure of a budget for a holiday every year.’


Ben & Maureen Deery, Co. Louth
Retrofit 3300sqft 4 people with ground source igen heat pump

Before: 6,000l at €4200 and €1,400 giving total €5,600
Now: electric €200/month total €2,400

‘The system was installed for over 4 years before we requested for a service call just for peace of mind.   As part of the service call igen analyzed our energy usage to ensure we were achieving the best efficiency.  We knew that not having to buy oil anymore was saving us money but had no idea that it was over €3000 a year.  Igen did advise that because the house was over ten years old that if we brought the insulation up to current standard that we may save even more.  But we were delighted to know that we were saving so much and that even after 4 years igen were with us within 24 hours of our phone call.’