Renewable Energy

Heat pumps use ambient heat from the water, ground or air. This ambient heat is stored solar energy or geothermal heat from below ground. Ambient heat is therefore a renewable energy, of which we have an inexhaustible supply.

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energies have the big advantage of being able to be regenerated. In addition, ambient heat is a decentralised energy supply, which is available at all times and which can be used without the need for complex supply systems or energy monostructures.

Heat sources and heat pump heating systems can be divided into geothermal (ground heat) and aerothermal (air heat) systems.
In industrial, commercial and municipal applications the emphasis is on waste heat recovery and greater energy efficiency. high capacity heat pumps are mainly used here.

Customer benefits of ambient heat

Renewability: Ambient heat and geothermal energy are the most efficient and purest forms of renewable energy. They are available to everyone in unlimited amounts.

Convenient heat: Heat pumps avoid the inconvenience of having to acquire a fuel. Your heat pump heats and cools automatically, with no need for maintenance of mechanical or combustion equipment. The removal of ash, clinker, waste gases, etc. is also avoided.

Air-conditioning: Because of the high levels of thermal insulation that are commonly found today, the amount of heat to be dissipated per square metre in summer is on a par with the amount of heat required for heating in winter. As OCHSNER heat pumps can also be used to heat buildings in summer, they offer clear advantages over other heating systems which do not have this possibility.

Space required: Unlike oil or biomass heating systems, heat pumps take up very little space. No storeroom or tank is required. This saves space in new developments, while in renovations the existing space can be used for other purposes.

While only limited amounts of biomass are available locally, meaning that in some cases it has to be transported considerable distances, there is a never-ending supply of ambient heat available on your doorstep.

Health: Your heat pump has zero emissions. No flue gases, fine dust, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides or carbon monoxide caused by incomplete combustion are produced to pollute your environment. Create the best possible climate to live in. Your family - and your neighbours - will thank you.

Security of supply: In times of growing energy consumption worldwide, crude oil prices rising above 100 dollars, a strategically exploited gas supply from Russia via insecure pipelines, we would all be well advised to rely instead on an energy supply over which we have absolute control: ambient heat on our doorstep.