Igen has extensive training & experience with many technologies related to heating systems & insulation.  We have also completed BER training which enables us to advice on aspects of your home or building which can help improve your comfort level as well as energy performance.

New home

  • free one to one consultancy to help you make and informed decision
  • performance analysis using our computerized modelling software
  • viewing of our state of the art showhouse incorporating working technology

Existing building

  • Analysis of building performance
  • Ways to reduce heat loss
  • Alternatives to fossil fuels

Although we specialize in heat pump solutions we do have a very good understanding of the other technologies available and can advice you on their benefits.  This includes;

  • Insulation and air tightness
  • Solar panels – thermal & electric
  • Heat Recovery systems
  • Biomass

In most cases we also have specialized partners who can also help you if you wish to consider some of these options.

With all our systems we provide hydraulic & electrical schematics.  We work very closely with architects and M & E contractors to help ensure the correct information and advise is made available.

Free consultancy

We meet with the customer to discuss their needs. We plan out the best possible heating solution suited to their particular project.

preliminary proposal

We propose the best possible heating solution at the most affordable costs.

finalized design

Our experienced team will plan out the heat pump installation process.


Our engineers and installation team carry out the installation process based on the final design.


We use the latest test equipment to verify performance before our commissioning engineer signs off on the commissioning reports.

support & service

Our support and service team are always on hand to help customers with any queries they might have.