Hot Water Production

Igen heat pump installations are designed so that the heat pump does the hot water production at the most efficient cost. Therefore there is no need for additional investment in a second heat source or hot water heating system for your hot water needs. Some heat pump installers supply an inferior system at a lower cost and rely on an electric immersion for domestic hot water production. Although this may appear cost effective in the short term, in the long term it can be considerably more expensive as it means extra cost every year for the lifetime of the system.

The igen heat pump system can do all your hot water needs for less than €1/day every day winter & summer, day or night. The heat pump extracts the heat from the environment which ultimately comes from the sun; however unlike a solar panel the heat pump has the ability to extract this heat independent of sunshine or even light. Although a solar panel may give you hot water for up to 100 days per year, essentially for less than €100/year the igen heat pump can save you  thousands in eliminating the need for this additional investment.