Heat distribution

Underfloor heating is fast becoming a favoured choice for industry professionals. Practical, cost effective and fl exible, underfl oor heating is increasingly being specifi ed over traditional radiator systems and establishing a reputation as the preferred modern-day heating system.

Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

There are many benefits of using underfloor heating as opposed to traditional heating methods, please see the list below:
Even spread of heat provides a high level of comfort throughout your home by radiant heat, heat in its most natural form.

Health & Hygiene

Prevents dust mites living in carpets, as well as taking away them hard-to-clean spaces where dust gathers on radiators


Reduced demand and no wasted heat at ceiling height typically saves 15% in fuel costs*.

Cost and energy efficiency

Reduced on-site maintenance – servicing of boilers and pumps only.

Labour Saving

Wet floors in bathrooms, showers, and utility rooms dry quickly.

Space Saving

Out of sight and therefore out of the way, giving you extra space and allowing you to furnish rooms as you like – no more intrusive radiators.


Out of sight, so you can have your room as you want it, no need to accommodate an ugly heating method.


Suffers none of the creaks or groans of conventional copper pipes and radiators, just a reassuring silence.


Unrestricted wall surfaces in both old and new buildings.


No hazardous wall projections or hot surfaces.


Igen comprehensive controls package offers a solution for individual room control of building applications.


Renewable energy sources can be used for heating applications.