Igen Control System

Heat Pump Control

OCHSNER relies on intelligent control systems for its technology. Cutting-edge controller technology means exceptional convenience, maximum energy efficiency and excellent operational safety.
The room temperature is adjusted according to the outdoor temperature, but room thermostats can also be fitted.

The new O-Tronic Easy plus heat pump controller

Only the best is good enough - and that applies to your heat pump too. That is why OCHSNER has developed the new OTE controller - a genuine heat pump controller which is setting new standards.
The basic concept is simple: hypermodern electronics, adjustable software and the very latest heat pump technology. Whereas some of our competitors have adapted controllers from other systems, involving inevitable compromises, the new OTE plus (like the O-Tronic classic controller before it) is a genuine heat pump controller. By ensuring optimum operating points it delivers higher seasonal performance factors and lower heating costs.

Simple controls, maximum efficiency and operational safety

The new controller was designed to make our customers' lives easier and also those of our colleagues who service the heat pump systems.

  • Full graphics display with plain-text messages
  • Easy to use even without the manual - just two control buttons and a simple, logical menu structure
  • Easy setup with setup wizard
  • Can be used to control multiple heat sources and up to 16 mixer circuits and 8 hot water circuits
    • Safety management system for maximum operational safety of the heat pump and maximum availability (active monitoring of the heat pump cooling circuit)
  • Universal basic version - can be expanded if necessary with additional modules for heat sources, heating circuits, etc.
  • Cascadable with up to 8 units
  • Can be used to record the amount of heat used for the market incentive programme (Germany)
  • Telecontrol engineering: can communicate via the Internet

Communication without limits

The optional telecontrol engineering system gives you access to your heat pump at any time via the Internet. You can view current operating data or historical records. Your system can also be fine-tuned online by OCHSNER technicians.